Health Policy Watch – Continuing The IP-Watch Tradition Of Vibrant Health Reporting

Following today’s announcement of a one-year pause on IP-Watch reporting, we invite all IP-Watch readers to sign up here for free daily, weekly or monthly news bulletins from our sister publication, Health Policy Watch, which will include health-related IP reporting as part of its portfolio. You can follow Health Policy Watch (healthpolicy-watch.org) on Twitter @HealthPolicyW

Launched in 2018 as an open access media service focused on global health policymaking, priority Health Policy Watch themes are combating leading infectious and non-communicable diseases as well as anti-microbial resistance; preparing and responding to pandemics and emergencies; and advancing universal health coverage, healthy environments and lifestyles as part of health in the sustainable development goals.  As part of this coverage, Health Policy Watch reporting will include issues related to IP, innovation, health technologies, medicines access, and pricing within the context of broader global public health goals, such as universal health coverage, stronger health systems, and healthier people and environments.

Health Policy Watch was launched with the assistance of an ear-marked start-up grant in 2018, and will continue the IP-Watch tradition of independent, impartial and unfiltered reporting, aiming to serve and engage readers from developing and developing countries on a level playing field. Health Policy Watch’s Managing Editor, Elaine Fletcher, is keen to hear your ideas and thoughts on coverage. You can contact her at info@hp-watch.org.

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