Crash Course: Machine Learning for PMs

Hi all, TripAdvisor PM here. I’ve been taking advantage of the extra free time lately by writing a piece for PMs who want to learn more about machine learning: Crash Course: Intro to Machine Learning for Product Managers. Would really appreciate feedback from this community if you have the time (does the layout make sense? Are there sections that are confusing? etc.).

About me: I have ~5 years of product experience, 3 of which have been spent working directly with TripAdvisor’s ML on a wide variety of consumer-facing projects. Prior to starting that role I had a background as a data analyst and I took a data science bootcamp to learn the technical fundamentals of Python and sci-kit-learn (see Understanding Voting Outcomes through Data Science).

About the article: I’ve structured the article as a hypothetical case study that addresses a series of realistic problem statements. The case study has an e-commerce slant since that’s where my experience lies. Through the lens of the case study the article explores foundational concepts like supervised vs. unsupervised learning, precision / recall, classification, clustering, etc. The goal is to keep the reader grounded in the practical application of an approach, rather than simply describing abstract concepts.

Let me know what y’all think! Thanks!