Decoding the Search Query Enigma in PrestaShop: A User's Journey to Cleaner URLs

Decoding the Search Query Enigma in PrestaShop: A User’s Journey to Cleaner URLs

PrestaShop users have encountered challenges in removing the "search_query" parameter from search URLs, as it complicates URLs and impedes SEO efforts. Two community-sourced solutions have emerged; one involves tweaking the search block theme file from "get" to "post," removing the search query from initial search results. However, it doesn't affect subsequent pages. A more sustainable solution edits the SearchController.php file in PrestaShop's core code, removing the query from URLs. Despite its complexity, it underscores the usefulness of custom code development. These solutions highlight the benefits of community interaction, as the collective exchange of insights led to practical answers. It emphasizes the critical role of custom coding when no ready-made solutions exist, demonstrating the dynamic nature of platforms like PrestaShop that evolve through user contributions.

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