New in PATENTSCOPE : Patent Families And More

February 4, 2020

As of today, you will find information related to patent families for PCT applications  PDF, Patent Families help in PATENTSCOPE. A new option, under refine Options, will give access to family member and the indication PCT family will appear in the documents in question.

There are more than 2,7 million unique PCT patent families available in PATENTSCOPE.

Each family includes:

  • a PCT member considered to be the main representative of the family;
  • national applications that have specified a prior PCT application;
  • national entry phase records, and
  • priority application of the PCT application when unique and first publication.

Searchable Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) field

Also new in PATENTSCOPE is the searchable CPC field. PATENTSCOPE contains now more that 200 million CPC entries corresponding to more than 40 million distinct fillings, of which 99% of the PCT applications are classified.

Expanded national collection of Japan

The national collection of Japan has now been updated in order to offer a wider coverage: up to now, only data published as of 1993 was available in PATENTSCOPE. The coverage has  been expanded to include data as of 1964. The filing and publication numbers have also been harmonized, removing therefore ambiguity in the identification of filing and application numbers that followed before different representations of the year according to the Gregorian and Japanese calendars.

Stemming improvements

The stemming for many languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, etc. has been improved and leads to more relevant search results. As a reminder, stemming uses the root form of the keyword in order to find word with the same root: for example, using the keyword electrical documents containing electricity, electric etc.


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