Original Content podcast: Hulu’s ‘Hillary’ retraces a controversial career and a heartbreaking election

While Hillary Clinton’s comments about Bernie Sanders (“Nobody likes him”) have prompted more headlines than anything else in Hulu’s “Hillary,” there’s a lot more to learn from the documentary.

Over the course of four-plus hours, “Hillary” traces Clinton’s life and career, with a particular focus on the 2016 election — both the combative primary with Sanders and then the shocking loss to Donald Trump. It is, fundamentally, a sympathetic portrait, drawing on extensive interviews with Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as friends, colleagues, family members and journalists.

The documentary acknowledges that Clinton has been criticized throughout her time in public life, but it usually (and convincingly) suggests that many of her detractors are motivated by good old-fashioned misogyny. And while it can be hard to watch at times, it ends on hopeful note.

We review “Hillary” at the end of a packed mid-week episode of the Original Content podcast, which also includes a big reality TV catch-up, followed by a discussion of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting TV production and movie distribution.

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And if you’d like to skip ahead, here’s how the episode breaks down:

0:00 Intro
1:26 “Big Brother” coronavirus reveal
9:03 “The Bachelor” discussion (spoilers)
26:52 “Love Is Blind” follow-up (spoilers)
38:23 Coronavirus and TV production
41:58 Movie theater closures/streaming releases
48:02 “Hillary” review