Pinterest launches a ‘Today’ tab featuring daily recommendations and trending topics

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to record Pinterest usage as people stuck at home have increased their searches for things like lesson plans, kids’ crafts, new recipes and gardening ideas. Last weekend, for example, Pinterest saw more searches and saves globally than any other weekend in its history. And in the U.S., it saw record numbers of Pin sharing, as messages from the “Send a Pin” feature jumped 34%. In light of the increased demand, Pinterest has moved up the launch of its Today tab — a new feature designed to offer a source of daily inspiration.

The Today tab will feature curated topics and trending Pins, making it easier to explore timely ideas, Pinterest explains. That means, right now, you might find something like “Inspiring Work from Home Workspaces” rather than one focused on vacation ideas, for instance.

At launch, the Today section is pulling from trending searches — like kid-friendly baking ideas, self-care tips, family-favorite movies and comfort food recipes, among other things. These recommendations will be curated by Pinterest’s team, but further down the road, some may come from guest editors.

The company will also soon use the Today tab to offer expert information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on topics like hand washing, mask usage and other safety tips during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Today tab will be found at the top of your Home Feed on the app on both iOS and Android in the U.S. and U.K. As it’s just now rolling out, you may not see it right away — but should soon. The plan is to bring it to more countries in time.

Some of the more active countries include France, Spain and Germany, which all saw record rates of user engagement last weekend. France also saw a 30% month-over-month increase in saves, Pinterest says. While Pinterest didn’t offer a timeline for its next countries to get the new tab, these would be likely candidates.

In addition to the Today tab, Pinterest is also now rolling out what it’s calling “compassionate searches” on the web.

That means when you search for terms like “stress relief” or “calming quotes,” you’ll see options that point you to a collection of well-being activities designed to help you relax that come from expert sources.

Pinterest also says it’s prohibiting ads claiming to offer COVID-19 cures and treatments, or those looking to exploit the crisis. Instead, it has a banner across the site directing users to WHO facts, and offers an easy way to report health misinformation on Pins. The company says all misinformation on COVID-19 is removed as it’s in violation of its health misinformation policy, established in 2017.

The Today tab on mobile apps and compassionate search on the web are rolling out today in the U.S. and U.K., with more countries to follow.

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