TechCrunch Events and coronavirus 

We here at TechCrunch are watching the novel coronavirus situation closely, as most of you likely are. 

In addition to our editorial coverage of the effects of the novel coronavirus on the business of entrepreneurship — and the ways that technology can help — we have a number of events planned for 2020 including TC Early Stage in April in San Francisco and our TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility event in May in San Jose. 

As of now we have not cancelled any of our events for the year, but we continue to monitor the situation very closely on a daily basis. 

Our primary goal is to make sure we proceed in a conscientious and careful manner that takes into account local, state and federal guidance as well as our own personal care for all of our event attendees.  

Just as it is with all of the members of our editorial and business staff, you’re the TechCrunch family and we will make sure that any decisions we make have you at their heart, no matter what.

Much like the companies we cover, TechCrunch has always tried to stay nimble and adopt new ways of serving our readers. We’re in the process now of thinking hard about how to deliver on the promise of our events in a COVID-19 world. Stay tuned, we’ll have some interesting announcements ahead.

Over the years we’ve experimented with many virtual events like our huge Disrupt SF Virtual Hackathon and hosted hybrid virtual interviews on our stages like the memorable chat at Disrupt in 2014 with Clayton Christensen and Bill Hambrecht — not to mention our coverage of and experimentation with just about every virtual telepresence platform ever invented. Whatever happens, you can depend on us to find interesting and innovative ways to bring together tech entrepreneurs, students, academics, investors and anyone passionate about building to talk, inspire and innovate like hell. 

If you want to keep track of current updates to our plans for TechCrunch events throughout the year, please use this page as your resource of record.

As always, we’ll keep you posted. Thank you.