Title: Unveiling AI's Dual Nature in Cancer Battle: A Lifesaver or a Pitfall?

Unveiling AI’s Dual Nature in Cancer Battle: A Lifesaver or a Pitfall?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the battle against cancer through innovations like MIT's Sybil and an AI risk identifier for pancreatic cancer by Harvard Medical School. These tools offer potential for early detection and personalized treatment. Chatbots, such as Penny by Penn Medicine, also improve treatment adherence by reducing medication errors. However, AI comes with challenges including bias in data sets, as seen in decreased accuracy for darker skin in skin cancer diagnosis. This underpins the dire need for diverse data in AI development. Additionally, AI's sensitivity can lead to overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. To exploit AI's benefits fully, it's crucial to undertake responsible, transparent, and inclusive development and deployment of AI, coupled with proper oversight, continued research, and collaboration among stakeholders. Despite these hurdles, AI's promise to transform cancer detection, treatment, and patient outcomes offers a beacon of hope.

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