Zencastr waives hobbyist limits, since we’re all stuck at home podcasting now

I know, I know, don’t start a podcast just because you’re bored. Let’s be real though, the COVID-19 situation is going to be the event that launches a million podcasts, as we’re all stuck at home with hours to prattle on about things into he void.

Zencastr, one of the better tools for remote podcasters, announced today that it will be waiving the limits for those on its Hobbyist tier. That includes a dropping limits on hours and and the number of participants. The policy will remain in place until the 1st of July. Hopefully we’ll be able to, you know, go outside by then.

I’ve listed Zencastr in a few of my podcasting guides as a great podcast-specific alternative to virtual conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom. Among the features is the ability to automatically record and upload individual tracks — a terrific feature when it comes time to edit the thing together.