New Bose audio sunglasses appear in FCC filings
By: Jay Peters
on August 28, 2020 at 5:02 pm
Publication: The Verge – All Posts

Image: FCC

A new set of Bose sunglasses with built-in speakers could be on the way, as revealed by new filings published by the FCC. You might be looking at the next version of the company’s Frames line of audio sunglasses.

Check out this gallery for a few other angles on the glasses, showing where the speakers and hardware are built into the frames and and also revealing that the device will have a USB-C port for charging:

The filings also confirm the glasses will be branded under the Frames line and that they’ll be IPX4-certified for water resistance.

Image: FCC

Bose already offers two sets of sunglasses, the Alto and the Rondo, as part of the Frames line, but these new glasses revealed by the FCC are of a different style…

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