Meet Our Leadership Team.

Cameron H. Tousi

Managing Partner
Cameron H. Tousi is the firm’s founder and managing partner. Having counseled an array of businesses, from leading startups to Fortune 500's, for two decades at a number of leading Washington, DC law firms, in 2012 he founded IPLL. His . . . .

Andrew C. Aitken

Senior Partner
Andrew Aitken is a skilled lawyer who brings some 25 years of experience in procurement, prosecution and licensing of intellectual property matters. He also has an extensive track record of successfully litigating intellectual property and other commercial disputes throughout the . . . .

Joshua Y. Chang

Senior Foreign Counsel
Prior to practicing as an attorney, Hon. Joshua Y. Chang served as a District Court judge, with specialization in criminal and civil matters, and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, for nearly ten (10) years.

Christopher P. Rogers

Senior Partner
Chris has 20 years of patent experience. Most of his patent experience has been in the role of in-house counsel in big pharma (GSK, Abbott Labs and ALZA/J&J) having responsibility for worldwide patent portfolios covering commercially successful drugs and medical . . . .

Bryan E. Repetto

Senior Counsel
Bryan E. Repetto represents clients in the areas of intellectual property, healthcare law, business law, and business and intellectual property transactions. While representing clients across diverse industries. Mr. Repetto’s patent practice has particular focus in the areas of life sciences, . . . .

Emmanuel Rivera

Sr. Outside Counsel
Emmanuel Rivera has been practicing law for over 16 years with national firms based in the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and Austin. Mr. Rivera is outside counsel through his firm, Terrile, Cannatti & Chambers, LLP. He has worked with and . . . .

Daniel J. Eisenberg

Senior Counsel
Daniel J. Eisenberg is a senior counsel with the firm, bringing some twenty years of experience in the fields of intellectual property, business transactions and litigation.

Carrie M. Stroup

Sr. Technical Consultant
Carrie M. Stroup is a Senior Technical Consultant with the firm. Carrie has served as a USPTO patent agent and a former patent examiner, with over 15 years of experience in a variety of intellectual property matters. Her current work . . . .

Raman D. Singh

Sr. Patent Engineer
Raman is a seasoned engineer with deep knowledge in the patent field. He possesses seven years of industry experience in the intellectual property law field.

Michael Liu

Senior Foreign Counsel
Michael Liu's experience includes having served as general counsel for leading global technology corporations, and lead outside counsel for principal engagements. Mr. Liu’s substantive legal experience includes business transactions, corporate governance and high stakes technology transactions and complex litigation.