About the Cameron Tousi podcast

Cameron Tousi speaks about his podcast.   

For over a quarter of a century, Cameron has been a key contributor to the innovation economy, helping literally thousands of multinational corporations, startups, venture firms, investors and individual entrepreneurs as one of America’s leading business technology and intellectual property lawyers and litigators. As a tech attorney, his accolades include the highest peer review rankings with the foremost legal publications, such as The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel magazine and Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent Rating. As a leading litigator and business counsel, he has represented clients with combined amounts in controversy exceeding $1.1 billion with numerous multimillion-dollar awards for his clients. Cameron has also created a number of his own businesses earning multimillions in revenue.   

The Cameron Tousi podcast is an expression of his gratitude to the many who’ve helped him by passing the gift. His goal is to help future entrepreneurs, regardless of life circumstances, socioeconomic background, ethnicity, gender and age, real, actionable advice to help them achieve their own successes.                

“My podcast really comes from a place of my own personal gratitude to all of those who’ve helped me. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to grow up and prosper among people and in a country built on entrepreneurism. I have to add that I also wanted resources available to my clients. Especially folks who are doing new ventures, startups & going out on their own for the first time. When they come to me, I know with all immodesty that they’re getting great legal services. But we all need more. I want to make sure that they’re also getting the business advice and networking to get them there, to be on their way.”