Chris Mouzon – My Own Journey As An Entrepreneur and Founding IP Law Leaders

About: Leading national technology lawyer, Cameron Tousi, gives powerful insights for entrepreneurs and innovators. A founder of multimillion-dollar startups himself, today Cameron is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker and managing partner of IP Law Leaders, who’s on speed-dial for industry leaders and disrupters alike. Join Cameron as he explores business, technology, current issues and empowering your own life-changing achievements.

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Interview with Chris Mouzon: I was interviewed by finance expert and multi-faceted podcast host, Chris Mouzon, for his Entrepreneurial Development Podcast.   

Chris covers avenues of my own journey from start as an engineer, to coming into prominence in business & IP law, founding my current firm, IP Law Leaders, a boutique technology law and business consulting firm with an international clientele. I also offer important advice for future innovators, coming from multimillion-dollar businesses I’ve founded and developed over two decades.  A lot of powerful insights for the entrepreneur in you!  

About Chris, himself, he’s been tremendously successful in his own entrepreneurial endeavors, in founding and heading marketing for his own finance firm. In addition to his Entrepreneurial Development podcast, Chris has also created the Property Players podcast which provides a valuable informational resource for expert real estate investors and first time buyers alike, and has also co-founded the Perspective Podcast, which delivers multiple perspectives for dealing with business, work and life solutions, that’s especially cogent during the pandemic.  

Powerful insights in this interview for your own entrepreneurial development!