Dale Majors – Starting Entrepreneurship Early and Being Able to Retire In Your Early 30’s

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Dale Majors started a business in his teens, and on returning from a two-year stint as a missionary for his church, at 21 he decided to go full steam ahead. He took his passion and knowledge about biking with him to form Bikewagon.com, running it out of his garage and even partnered with his father in his new business. What a great son! 

Dale built his bikewagon.com ecommerce business to over $10 million in annual revenue with a staff of 28. They had over 16,000 unique items stocked in their warehouse in Salt Lake City.

Dale’s love of spending time with his family and biking haven’t changed. He and his wife Brittany have taken their 5 children on extended bicycle tours throughout the US and abroad, including spending 2 months riding 1,000 miles across France and Germany.

Dale sold  Bikewagon.com in 2016, allowing him to retire in his early 30’s! Dale sends his time now coaching entrepreneurs and helping them gain more freedom from their businesses to pass on his own successes. He’s created a 4 month long mastermind group Ventureanyway.com to guide entrepreneurs through the process. He’s also acquired and runs a new business; it sure is hard for entrepreneurs to retire! 

Between the Mastermind group, a travel products company Grand Trunk, a podcast, his YouTube channel directed towards entrepreneurs, and investments in several physical product companies, Dale does a lot and gives back even more. Don’t miss listening and learning from Dale’s incredible journey!