Fred Ashman (Part 1) – Advocate for the Audience!

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Part I of my talk with writer, director and producer, Fred Ashman.

As a 12 year old, Fred Ashman’s teacher had the class take a very basic aptitude test. The result were goals. Freds were to become: a professional trumpet player, an audio engineer, a TV director, and a pilot. Fred achieved all those goals by age 30 and then some. He also continued to become a CEO, writer, lecturer and author.

As a writer-director-producer, Fred and his teams have won over 100 major awards for their film video and stage productions, including Cine Golden Eagles, Gold Awards from both the New York and Houston festivals, over 70 Telly Awards, multiple Emmy Awards and others.

His book, Advocate for the Audience, is a must-read not only for film students but also for business majors and entrepreneurs, as Fred has represented every major corporation you can imagine, and he tells the no-holds-barred real-life stories. Check out: fredashman.com.