Ken Suzan & Rolf Claessen – Founders of the Legendary IP Podcast #IPFridays

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Interview with Ken Suzan and Rolf Claessen: Ken and Rolf are the dynamic duo of IP podcasting.   

They’re both outstanding IP lawyers in their own right. Ken practices at Barnes & Thornberg, where his focus is in trademarks, copyrights, social media and drone law. Rolf practices at Freischem & Partner, and bringing a PhD in chemistry he focuses in patent and trademark prosecution and litigation.   

But these longtime friends in May of 2014 started the IPFridays podcast (ipfridays.com), and they haven’t looked back. They’ve grown their IPFridays podcast to a must listen for professionals in the IP field, and, full disclosure, I’ve been honored to appear as a guest of theirs in 2019.   

Since they conduct their interviews separately, I was really excited to interview both of them together, to get a candid, interactive listen about how they work together, how their podcast came into being, what challenges they’ve faced and overcome, how they’ve kept their popcast going, how they’ve picked their guests, how to keep focus on their listeners with guests to make sure it’s not just a marketing platform, and lots more!   

This is really terrific advice for any entrepreneur who wants to start a podcast — especially if they’re going for a niche market. Great going guys!