Krishna Mohan Talk, Part I – Surviving and Thriving Past the Pandemic

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Interview with Krishna Mohan: Krishna is a nationally renowned entrepreneur,  business coach, public speaker and a #1 best-selling author.   

Krishna’s businesses include: Genius Visionary, a business consulting firm a vision based venture that helps businesses in growth, business funding and increase valuation and position the business for better exit options; Genius Business Coaching, which helps business owners to succeed, and Genius Online Academy, which provides education and training for entrepreneurs to reach their business goals. His books include:  Elite Real Estate Professionals- Leaders in Real Estate Industry (#1 Best Seller on Amazon), Insiders Secret to Build Business Credit and Financing and How I find $10K in any Business within 45 Minutes.  

In this part I of our deep dive together, Krishna discusses with me: his foundational beginnings; his journey as an immigrant to successful self-made entrepreneur; the value of positive belief systems for business success;  philosophies of personal achievement; measures for startup success, and much more. A lot of great and useful information for business starters.