Micah Hollingworth – A NY Startup Founder Navigating To Success In The Face Of COVID-19

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My guest, Micah Hollingworth, is the CEO and Co-founder of the New York, NY-based startup, Broadw.ai. His company, which is already post-funding, is the leading AI platform solution for Broadway shows and other audience-based venues, which improves the visitor experience and provides a more seamless ticket purchasing process for its guests.

Micah Hollingworth comes to his startup with a quarter of a century experience in Broadway, understanding the big picture, but also the specifics and nuances to make an AI company working principally with Broadway successful. His brilliant co-founder, Jon Scott, brings the technical side of the equation, which as you know is a potent formula for success.

Micah shared with me how he deals with the challenges brought by COVID-19, from the strategies going forward, the day-to-day company management, the remote work experience and how he keeps his team going.  

Great interview, and great advice for startup entrepreneurs navigating today’s waters!