Rich Friesen Talk, Part I – Using Your Mind Muscles to Dominate, Even in a Recessionary Economy

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Richard Friesen is the definition of a Renaissance Man. We talk about his early roots developing his own business to working as a trader following college (a philosophy major), where he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Pacific Exchange, where he’s on the board of directors.   

Then Rich founded his own trading firm, where he had an epiphany, and discovered that he was locked into his current earnings by his own internal beliefs. And conquering his own psyche allowed him to make a ton of more money.   

But that wasn’t enough for him. With his new discovery, he went onto found a financial software company, which allowed enormous financial growth for himself. He’s the inventor of 10 significant trading interface patents.   

But even that wasn’t enough for him. Rich wanted to share his discovery and his own success with others. He then combined a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with certification in Neurolinguistic Programming. And he founded Mind Muscles, which uses neuroscience to help traders break through their internal barriers to achieve enormous financial success.  

I promise you will love my conversation with Rich Friesen.