Shaker Gilbert, Part I – Today’s Entrepreneur, Walking the Walk

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Interview with Shaker Gilbert: For many years, David Shaker Gilbert has worked as a senior-level professional in the tech industry, working in roles such as tech architect, VP of technology, consultant, senior engineer, enterprise architect and cloud solutions architect in some of the leading firms, including Exodus Communications, Sybase, Nfire, 3PAR, Docker, HP and Red Hat.   

Shaker approached me about an invention he had in 2018, which is a device that holds a cell phone on any mode of transportation, and I thought it had huge potential. We’ve now got Shaker patent-pending, and he’s developed a company VuWing around his invention.  

What I love about David is how strategic and systematic he is in developing his product and exploring the required skillets for his company, including manufacturing, operations, investment and marketing.  

This was a great talk, because there was genuine advice. We discussed the pluses and frankly many huge minuses of funding platforms (such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo), the value of using search engine or social media advertising, and, hint hint, we both agreed that Facebook was the most focused and value-added of the lot, and found the rest to complicated plus too expensive for startups. We also discussed the effect of COVID-19 on business.   

Shaker’s walking the walk, and he’s being incredibly generous in sharing what works and what doesn’t with new entrepreneurs. Delightful time!