Terell Ward Talk – Want To Form A Startup?: Advice From A Candid Discussion

About: Leading national technology lawyer, Cameron Tousi, gives powerful insights for entrepreneurs and innovators. A founder of multimillion-dollar startups himself, today Cameron is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker and managing partner of IP Law Leaders, who’s on speed-dial for industry leaders and disrupters alike. Join Cameron as he explores business, technology, current issues and empowering your own life-changing achievements.  

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Interview with Terell Ward: Terell is a businessman and entrepreneur. A former college athlete, his positivity comes across every time you talk with him, and he possesses a can-do attitude grounded by his own strong faith.    

Terell also espouses the good word about intrapreneurship, the concept that entrepreneurs can and do make a vast difference as managers and key members of larger organizations by bringing their own entrepreneurial mindset. The mindset includes bringing creativity, passion, flexibility, vision, energy, risk-taking and self-motivation to larger organizations in order to achieve scaling and disruptive success.   

Terell also co-hosts of the Perspective Podcast, which delivers multiple perspectives for dealing with business, work and life solutions, that’s especially cogent during the pandemic.  

In this episode, Terell joins me to discuss a bit about my own work and also what it takes to form a multi-million funded startup.  A powerful message.