Business Litigation

In an increasingly litigious business environment, our clients are faced an array of potential controversies. Advances in modern types and storage of electronic communications, as well as in electronic discovery techniques, have increased the complexity of litigations and sped the progression of pending cases. Previously mundane commercial disputes have become extremely contentious, with adversaries rooting through millions of emails and electronic documents. A few areas of rapid expansion in filings include contracts, licensing, franchise and distribution, class actions, franchise and distribution, and marketing and advertising. Settlements in antitrust and securities class actions regularly break previous records.

IPLL’s business and tort litigation practice is strongly positioned to counsel and protect clients in today’s challenging environment. Our stellar experience and reputation leads clients to seek our advice and counsel in the extensive enforcement and defense of business and tort matters. Our practice is primarily in federal courts, where our talented first chair litigation teams work with some of the finest litigators in the country serving as our local counsel. The IPLL approach provides tremendous talent for complex litigation and yet substantially reduces the billings common to present-day litigation. Most of our clients have worked with larger firms in the past and appreciate the uniqueness our specialization offers.


Our Litigation and Appeals Practice Areas

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