IPLL assists startups, hedge funds, research institutions, and global corporations developing efficient and effective contractual infrastructures for new and existing products and services. The key to our success is combining vast knowledge of our clients’ core businesses with cutting edge legal know-how. Our close collaboration with clients permits premium service in procurement, strategizing, commercialization, and co-branding of IP.

Our lawyers draft and negotiate a wide spectrum of contracts ranging from the standard to the highly complex. Every commercial transaction is structured to balance risk mitigation with economic opportunity, and to precisely reflect the contemplated relationship envisioned and articulated by our business leader clients.

IPLL’s contracts practice advises on a myriad of legal, business and technology issues through our major practice areas:

  • Strategic Relationships – Design and documentation of national and cosmopolitan strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, R&D collaborations, and mutual teaming arrangements.
  • Outsourcing – Licensing out of know-how, technology resources, data or tools, structuring and negotiating business processing outsourcing and manufacturing arrangements.
  • In-sourcing – Acquisition or in-licensing of know-how, technology resources, data or tools, business process acquisition, and development support structures.
  • Commercialization – Procurement, protection, development and monetizing of IP assets, including through IP filing, R&D development, original equipment manufacturing (OEM), value-added resale (VAR), manufacturing, licensing and distribution, and other commercialization structures.