Corporate & Business Transactions

IPLL’s Corporate Practice Area is comprised of attorneys and legal assistants who have established a national reputation for excellence in the quality and delivery of legal services. Our counsel have represented clients from nearly every type of high technology and biotechnology focused industry, form of legal structure and venue for business transactions.Yet our counsel share in common the commitment to meet the full legal needs of every client, regardless of the size or scope of their matters.

IPLL’s Corporate Practice Area is uniquely qualified fulfil our clients’ corporate law needs for clients located throughout the United States and abroad. Not surprisingly, our clients’ concerns often involve areas other than corporate and commercial law. Moreover, even business deals involving these legal areas are not easily compartmentalized into corporate practice, but often require a wide area of expertise.

With clients first in mind, our Corporate Practice Area has been organized to meet our clients’ needs in the most efficient manner possible. Although we offer a full range of corporate and commercial law services, we find that many of our clients’ transactions and legal needs fall into naturally occurring categories. With this in mind, IPLL’s corporate practice comprises: Banking and Finance, Business and Tort Litigation, Contracts, High Technologies, Intellectual Property, Licensing and IP Transactions, Life Sciences, Mergers and Acquisitions and Paymaster Services.

Our Corporate Practice Areas

Banking and Finance
Business and Tort Litigation
High Technologies
Intellectual Property
Licensing and IP Transactions
Life Sciences
Mergers and Acquisitions
Paymaster Services