Licensing and IP Transactions

IPLL’s intellectual property (IP) transactions lawyers have extensive experience involving the creation, use, licensing and transfer of technology and IP for both domestic and cross-border transactions. We assist all ranges of companies, from startups to multinational corporations, to structure and negotiate sole IP transactions, as well as develop and transact related contractual relationships. Included in our knowledge purview are IP licenses, R&D arrangements, development and co-development relationships, information technology partnerships, marketing and distribution relationships, Internet and e-commerce agreements and technology sharing associations.

We also work closely with our clients to counsel them in their strategic IP transactions. We also facilitate commercialize of IP assets through procurement, protection, development and monetization. In addition to high proficiencies in IP filing and R&D development, we create monetization vehicles for original equipment manufacturing (OEM), value-added resale (VAR), manufacturing, licensing and distribution of patent and trade secret assets, and business process outsourcing.

Our counsel facilitate strategic relationships, through technology collaborations, R&D relationships and high tech teaming. We advise on outsourcing through licensing-out of know-how, IP protected assets and manufacturing process. We also counsel on in-sourcing, through acquisition and in-licensing of know-how, technology resources and tools and joint inventor structures. IPLL’s IP transactions practice also co-counsels with the firm’s intellectual property and intellectual property litigation practices to ensure the highest level of expertise in procurement, licensing and enforcement of client IP assets.