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IPLL’s Mass Torts & Personal Injury practice is a leader across the torts affecting many individuals (mass torts) and traditional personal injuries. If you’re searching for counsel respected by their peers who have multimillion dollar wins under their belts, you’ve come to the right place.

About Mass Torts

What Mass Torts Are

Our specific mass torts practice areas are listed for you below, by the harmful products involved.

For an understanding of mass torts, these are injuries where the same injury source affects hundreds, even many thousands of people. The results of corporate malfeasance in products, pharmaceuticals and pollution, to name a few, are often debilitating injuries, life threatening cancers, congenital conditions passed onto the unborn, ecological disasters devastating lifestyles and livelihood, and unfortunately much more.

A Typical Mass Torts Case

For instance, a medical device manufacturer will have sold thousands of its products, which were implanted by surgeons to treat their patients’ condition. However, the device manufacturer might not have adequately tested the risks of injuries to patients, hurrying it to market to ramp up its revenue and please its shareholders. It happens all the time. Typically, the devasting consequences are not known by unsuspecting patients for years. It often takes that long for the injury to be discovered.

The results are tragic. Patients may suffer a lifetime of pain and face numerous corrective surgeries to undo the harm. The manufacturer will deny the allegations for years, pay many millions to its high-brow law firms, argue something else caused the suffering or point the finger at how the doctor mishandled the device installation, curry favor from defense-friendly experts with its large pocketbook and sometimes even use its political lobbying might with Congress. Nothing is off the table for them when the dollar stakes are that high as they face hundreds of millions or even billions in settlements across the country.

How We Excel at Mass Torts

Full contingent fee

  • To be blunt, we bear the front financial risk.
  • The complexity and costs (see below) of mass torts plaintiffs looking to bring and settle their cases are enormous.
  • Our fees come as a percentage of the settlement or verdict, and you pay nothing if there is no win or settlement.

Handling Complexity

Mass torts are tremendously complicated. As your plaintiff’s counsel, here are the complexities and where we excel:

  • There is finding outstanding litigators who’ve won multimillion dollar cases.
    • It’s harder than it sounds, since in the typical case, the vast majority of victims do not know the reason for their injury.
    • And when they do know, and try to contact exceptional counsel, often they’re only dealing with a marketing company who simply hands them off to firms without qualifying them.
    • In our estimate, humility aside, you’ve already found exceptional counsel once we agree to take your case.
  • There are logistical challenges.
    • Jurisdictional, choice of law, and case conflict challenges are tremendous, as between thousands of cases each having their own lawyers and judges.
  • There is the intricate process of understanding and excelling in a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL).
    • The MDL is the venue where your case is joined with thousand of others.
    • It is at the MDL that we as your litigation counsel will deal with all details of your case before trial, including and up to the settlement award, from which you will be paid.
  • There are complexities in the litigation process –
    • Complex research results and validating medical diagnoses.
    • Retaining leading medical experts respected throughout the country.
    • Serving as or working with case leadership in the MDL.
    • Negotiations expertise for settlement, discovery expertise, seasoned counsel and courtroom jury selection know-how.

Partnerships with Other Leading Lawyers

In our view, most law firms tout only their own credentials and legal expertise to the public, as though they invented litigation. It’s understandable marketing. After all, who doesn’t want to be represented by the best? But in essence, it’s just that – marketing.

That’s the opposite of our approach. Yes, our firm is armed with seasoned litigators who have multimillion dollar wins across the country and with the deep courtroom expertise to prove it. But if we do not have deep knowledge about a particular mass tort, or if we think other outstanding lawyers could improve our team to increase your settlement, we will bring them into the case to give you the very best results.

Our promise to you is that your fees will remain unchanged by the dual representation. You will not be billed extra.

Yes, that does mean sharing our fees with other skilled lawyers. But we will happily exchange some or even the bulk of our fees if it means a higher likelihood of a win or settlement for you. First, we actually do care about our clients’ outcomes. We spend countless hours diligently attending to cases with no guarantee of payment. But our clients risk more. They’ve suffered often unspeakable harm from reckless corporations through no fault of their own. It could happen to anyone. They deserve the best chance of success and the highest dollar amount we can get for them, to restore and rebuild their lives.

In case you’re wondering, we don’t see this as bad business practice either. We would happily exchange some or even the bulk of our fees to yield the best outcome for our clients. Reputation means everything in our business, and no amount of marketing approaches a client delighted by their results. We want clients to tell their friends and family about a delightful experience. That’s why the vast majority of our clients come from referrals.

Client Communication and Respect is Key to Our Business

A client’s relationship with their counsel is an incredibly intimate experience. Under the privilege umbrella, clients often have to share confidences with their lawyers they would not or cannot share with their closest friends. We respect our clients and without any preconceived notions or judgment.

Communications in mass torts and personal injury is particularly intimate. Clients have suffered personal pains, traumatic injuries, debilitating cancers, mental anguish, loss of livelihood, and scorn fed by companies to the media and politicians, to name a few. Try as we would, no one really understands the devastation you’ve experienced like you. But we can do as much as we can. And we firmly believe lawyers need bedside manners too.  

Communication is also a two-way street. Personal injury cases can take time to settle or try, and mass torts cases can take a number of years. That’s a large leap of faith you and your loved ones take in choosing your counsel, especially if your injury or cancer is life threatening. In fact, the most common complaint we’ve heard from mass tort clients who were previously represented by other firms is not the other firm’s lack of expertise. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, their complaint is that the firm engaged them, and they never heard back from them for months or years on end.  

Another promise to our clients is that we will communicate the happenings of your case on a timely basis. We will also make sure you can get through to your counsel regardless of their status, and you won’t be shielded by aggressive assistants whose main task is to push you away. We are here to serve you, and not the other way around.

Mass Torts & Personal Injury Practice Areas

Below, please find a listing of our current mass torts practice areas, listed by the harmful products and injuries involved. Personal injury matters are also handled by our group, on a case-by-case basis, and we welcome your reaching out to us.

We’d love to hear from you, and we’d be honored to represent you.

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