IPLL’s copyrights practice is committed to the core principle that our attorneys create value for their clients’ copyrightable works. Grounded in solid foundations in all venues of intellectual property, our counsel provide leadership in comprehending, protecting and monetizing the works of our authors and artists. A few areas of IPLL’s coverage are copyrightability, fair use, ownership, copyright collateral pledges, licensing, corporate copyright policy, copyrights in contracts and corporate partnerships, advertising and media issues.

The arrival of digital media made it apparent that authors and artists alike require realistic advice and counsel to not only protect their works, but to leverage their works’ potential as well. Individuals and organizations, from startups to multinationals, require practical policies and procedures for design, procurement and implementation of licensing procedures. Our counsel have advised multiple industries on protecting copyrights, exercising or properly curtailing fair use rights where applicable and avoiding liability for user-generated content. A few of these industries include software startups, gaming companies, publishers, retailers, archivists, entertainment firms, nonprofits and educational institutions. Our copyrights practice also includes expertise in copyright litigation, which offers a perspective fundamental to value-driven advice concerning copyrightability, fair use, and differing measures of substantial similarity.