Strategic IP Counseling

IPLL evaluates the business strength of technologies through market segmentation and detailed analyses of relevant systems, products and employed methodologies. We employ the services of leading experts in the relevant technologies as well as experts in damages. In the high technology area, representative industries include electronics, telecommunications, Internet, software, computer hardware, financial services, semiconductors and optical systems. In the sciences industries, representative industries include biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Our lawyers have significant experience representing licensors, licensees, developers, investors, sellers and purchasers of new and existing technology, vendors and buyers of content, and both large and emerging technology companies. We mine patent portfolios to access and evaluate the legal strength of patented technologies. In this regard, we evaluate patent claims in view of the relevant prior art, patent prosecution histories and relevant case law. Our in-depth analyses are performed by seasoned attorneys well versed in not only the law, but negotiation techniques, international licensing, arbitration, mediation, pre-trial and trial litigation, as well as appellate level litigation and settlement.

We also render strategic assessments based on positioning, delivered by leading licensing and litigation counsel. For clients confronted by licensors, we perform risk assessment to national and international sales, defensive techniques including patent portfolio acquisitions, prior art invalidation, reexamination advice, indemnifications based on down-stream or up-stream sales relationships, defensive litigation techniques and other economic and legal pressures that may be brought to bear. For clients seeking to license their portfolios, we bring thoughtful forum selection, technology, business and legal strength reviews, and unparalleled expertise in arbitration, mediation, licensing negotiations and litigation enforcement techniques.