Trade Secrets Litigation

At no other time in history have trade secrets been so vital to the making or breaking of a company. Modern firms, from startups to multinationals, face new challenges daily, as the speed of information exchange itself accelerates to keep up with technology shifts, changing trends and competitive challenge.

Yet, as swiftly as companies must exchange information to stay in the game, so may competitive advantages built on years of growth in resources and human capital be lost. On the flip side, advances in the exchange of electronic information, electronic discovery techniques and technology in general have increased the likelihood of a businesses facing trade secret suits. Modern trade secrets litigation is more complex, more contentious and faster paced than in previous years.

Our trade secret litigators are highly skilled and nationally recognized. IPLL also cross-pollinates between our intellectual property subject matter experts and our litigators to bring focus and collaborative knowledge to our cases. With decades of litigation experience behind them, our attorneys bring expertise in matters involving breach of fiduciary duty, employee raiding, misappropriation of trade secrets, noncompetes, nondisclosure agreements, nonsolicitation and tortious interference with business relationships.