Trade Secrets

As the global marketplace has expanded in size, the speed of communications has brought business closer together. Combined with an ever competitive marketplace and ever more mobile employees, the speed of business transactions and wide-spread dissemination of information has exceeded the even lofty expectations.

With these changes have concurrently come both the need to protect corporate confidences, and the necessity to ward of hostile challenge. Protecting theft of trade secrets from internal and external threats has become increasingly essential to our clients.

Our counsel have decades of expertise in the area of trade secrets. A few areas we cover are the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, employee agreements and corporate obligations, fiduciary duties, misappropriation of trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation of employees, statutory and common law protection of trade secrets, tortious interference with contracts and business relationships, and the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

To provide clients the benefit of rounded knowledge and strategic alternatives, our trade secrets practice cross-pollinates with our intellectual property practice areas of patents, trademarks and copyrights. Our subject matter experts also work closely with our intellectual property litigators, to match specialized know-how with real-world expertise.