Ecolochem, Inc. v. Mobile Water Technology Co.

Ecolochem, Inc. v. Mobile Water Technology Co., No. 4:1985-CV-00834 (E.D. Ark. Dec. 6, 1985), slip op. 690 F.Supp 778 (E.D. Ark. 1988), aff’d, Fed. Cir. Appeal No. 88-1550 (February 24, 1989), etc. Patent infringement litigation brought by Ecolochem regarding its U.S. Patent 4,556,492. Following a bench trial, Senior Circuit Judge Henley found the patent valid and infringed. After Federal Circuit affirmance, Judge Henley denied Mobile’s motion to set aside the verdict (again affirmed on appeal). Judge Henley awarded $500,000 in damages to Ecolochem after a five-day damages trial in 1991. Mr. Aitken assisted with the representation of Ecolochem.